Do you need a change of life? Many at times we see those who are successful and thought to ourselves how can one become like this person? Unknown to us that these people have giving their best just to make things work which you are not doing. Hence, the result is what you see and you say you want to be like a particular person.

life change - 10 keys to experience life change

Transformation of life is needed — change life for the better

The question is – what do you think of life? Can you sacrifice what it takes to experience that change you’ve always longed for? There is this need a change in life quotes I so much love. It goes like this “Ask God for anything…but be ready to pay the price.

Are You Ready to Pay The Price?

Abstractly, it sounds great when we hear the word “change” but in reality many of us don’t really want change. What an irony. Accepting change in life is paramount and this is why when people sees you doing something that’s difficult for them, they envy you and wants to be like you; but the reality is they are not ready to give it what you have given.

Life Change Definition

You see, when talking about change… a lot truly wants to change – nonetheless, they find it very difficult to do it. As a result, they end up doing it the wrong way or do nothing. Some goes as far as changing: city, attitude, work, and even getting married, as if these would change them.

…You can run away from the world, but everything will be the same as before and history will always repeat itself as if destiny were after you. All these changes are external, and therefore temporary, because for a life change to be real and lasting it must be internal.

If you are truly satisfied with your life, that is a true gift, so I have to give you an accolade for that. Unfortunately, only few people can really experience that level of change. Many still battles with their old habits and as a result are sincerely looking for ways to improve and change their lives for the best.

Change Is Inevitable

The world has changed and keeps changing; It is inevitable and the only constant in life, so we cannot stop doing it, as well as learning and growing. That is why we must embrace change as the opportunity to improve and progress in our lives, even if we have been educated to the contrary: for security, for a more routine, stable and predictable life. But we no longer live in that world: we live in the era of uncertainty and constant change.

“We have to be willing to let go of the life we had planned, to create the life that is waiting for us.” (Joseph Campbell) ”

Being willing to do that, even though we fear change, is the first step to take a big leap forward in our lives; The change sometimes comes by choice… others, by obligation. But sometimes nothing changes until the pain of remaining in the same place is greater than the fear itself. So the sooner you make the decision that you are afraid of, that decision that you may have been putting off for a long time, before you will set off in the direction of the life with which you dream. Otherwise, within a year you will regret for not starting TODAY.

Start the Process In Your Mind

The real change (the lasting one) is born in our mind; it comes when we change the perception we have of ourselves, when we begin to change the pre-conceived idea about what and how we are with our defects and our virtues, with our weaknesses and our strengths. We change when we learn and evolve, because that is when we break old beliefs that limit us and expand our identity.

So if you really want to improve and change, you’re going to have to step up, make decisions, take on new responsibilities, apply perseverance in your life and stop procrastinating. You must change habits and behaviors, learn, evolve and pay the inevitable toll of the price of effort.

Am sorry to say it’s not easy to change even if you want to; and that’s the reason why many remain where they are without moving any forward. Still I will give you reasons why you will remain where you are until you effect change into your life.

It’s Not Easy!

That’s why you often hear people say I want to change my life, but of course, those words have never come out, nor will they come out of my mouth. If you want someone to tell you that it’s easy, that everything is great, that you’re not going to have to sacrifice yourself, that everything is positive and wonderful, that you just have to smile and be happy, that you do not worry about anything, that by some mysterious laws of the universe which I do not know that everything is going to come to your life without effort, I’m sorry but you’re going to have to look for someone who promises you that.

I say this because lately I see a lot of the so called “experts” who trivialize everything with magical recipes; they trivialize pain and suffering, where understanding and empathy shine by their absence, prostituting the word happiness, as something easy and almost obligatory. So I’m sorry if I disappoint many with these words, but that has not been my experience, nor do I know that secret.

Changing Your Life Begins By Studying Other People’s Life

If you listen to people’s life changing stories, you will always find some common theme… and this is because, these are real life changing event that broke them down which as a result effects changes into their lives. What is this common theme about their life stories? They feel hurt at first when someone tells them the truth. So sorry, that’s how it is. It really shows that this person truly loves you and that’s why you feel hurt by their words.

It is not easy to change. However, it is possible to experience that change of life you are looking for and it is worth any cost. You can always change, improve and progress and yes, you have to pay the price of effort and sacrifice. But in the end what really fills us is the sense of personal satisfaction when you step forward, when you raise your own standard, when you demand yourself to do what you are afraid to do, when you know you are right and in the right way.

As promised, we are going to look at

…10 Keys To Changing Your Life Irrespective Of The Age

What are the things that signal you that you need a change in your life? What is the factor that marks the life of a person to achieve that total shift in their existence?

The Power Of Decision:

The power of change begins when something inside of you lights up, and begins to vibrate and awakens a sleeping giant; this is a moment of inspiration that opens a new door of possibilities.

A thought that carries a powerful emotion can inspire a decision, and that becomes the turning point that changes a life. There you alter your destiny.

Why Do You Want To Change?

Do you have enough reasons to get up, to make a decision to really make a big change, or are you still comfortable in discomfort? Why will you be willing to sacrifice yourself? These are questions that need to be answered.

Invest some time in describing what is important to you, what you value most, what you want the most, what you like the most, what you want to change and achieve. Define your dreams, what makes you happy. This is a painfully obvious step, but more important than we can imagine, because that is the engine that causes the energy to make that change. It is what helps us to have a sense of direction and purpose, and what we really need to focus on.

Stop Looking Back:

You cannot advance looking back, to the past; regrets are not worth, nor what could have been. The moment is now and the moment to look forward; to look where you are going, not where you are. You have no control over the past, only about your present, so always remember that your past does not determine your future.

Learn, Form And Grow.

What we learned has brought us here, but if we do not like what we see, we will have to unlearn some things and learn new ones. Acquire new knowledge, especially specific knowledge that gives you value in your area of expertise, in your industry, in what you decide or want to dedicate your life to. That will give you value, potential and more opportunities.

Establish Objectives.

To hit the target you have to have one; you need to know where you are going to be able to arrive, otherwise you will wander in the dispersion despite good intentions. You need to set goals to take those small steps and actions that bring you closer to what you want. The goals are the beginning of small actions aimed at achieving the big objectives.

Face Your Biggest Fear.

Stop looking the other way, stop running, and decide to face your biggest fear. When you do, you will see that it was only in your imagination, but the result will be that you open up a gigantic and heavy tension backpack that makes you suffer unnecessarily. When you face your fears, you will be able to recover all your personal power, you will conquer yourself and your confidence will grow in an incredible way.

Can you learn how to change your life in 7 days? Absolutely.  “When things happen in our lives that we cannot change, we only have one option, only one, and that option is to change oneself.” How can I change my life and be happy? If you are asking this… the next point will address that.

Improve Your Environment:

Stay away from anyone who criticizes you or does not accept your change, stay away from toxic people who influence you in a negative way and look for people with initiative, who help you believe in you and your new life. Find a mentor, someone who can advise you, be a source of inspiration. Do not run away from problems, but from excessive drama and negative information. Immerse yourself in learning, reading and listening to everything that helps you grow.

When we change the great expectations of the future by the gratitude of the small things of the present, life changes. If we spend time waiting for these great achievements (and thinking that it will make us happy), the disappointment and frustration will be huge. We will have spent our lives waiting to live, thinking of all that we lack, instead of being more grateful for what we do have. Learn to give thanks and value small things.

Mental Strength , Persistence And Patience:

What a trio, you’ll be thinking! But that’s right: the results do not come when we think, we want or we need, they arrive when they arrive. That is why we need to develop the mental strength to get up again, the ability to persist and not give up even if it hurts, even if we doubt, even if it costs us to believe; and patience so that the seed planted has time to germinate and bear fruit.

The Transformation:

The really important thing is not so much the results, but the kind of person in which we become. That is what changes a life, to develop our potential, to learn, grow and change, because that is what will help achieve the results we want and that change we want.


How can I change my life better? How can I make a positive change in my life? How can I change my life instantly? I often come across these kind of questions from people around me who thinks there is something wrong with their lives.

This is one of the reasons I wrote this article on change — this article on change of life is one that really shows you how to change your life completely and experience better things that life has to offer. You need to stay away from environment that kills your dreams as you’ve learnt from the pointers above. Yes, even friends and family members can kill one’s dreams… this is why you need to surround yourself with the right kind of people who will really mentor you and see you become what you want to be.

Can I change my mindset? Can I make my life change big? Yes to all these questions… just follow the guidelines in this article and see if it will not work for you. Tell me your story. Are you at a time when you need a change of life? Have you ever implemented any of these keys? Leave me your answer in the comments box.

Cheers to a life change.

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