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Hi, I Am Reuben Wilson

I’m Reuben Wilson, a Netpreneur, web developer, and a telecom engineer. I have practically engaged in different online businesses you can ever imagined.

In my quest to finding how to make money online, I tried online survey jobs, they’re terrible. You’d waste time and resources and at the end? You might not get your money. Yes. It was so for me.

I tried data entry, Adsense, and other online revenue model which I can’t even recommend to anyone.

Later on, I discovered affiliate marketing, forex trading, and online freelancing which I fell totally in love with. Because, they’re tangible.

Alright, let me share my experience of building online business with you.

Why?  Because, I didn’t understand how things works online.  Despite all my research, studies, and I even went as far as buying courses, and books on how to build businesses online.

As someone who solely depends on affiliate marketing at the time, it was difficult for me. Because, I didn’t have a paycheck I could fall back to.

I have to engage in other freelancing business-like building websites and other jobs. I wasn’t making it from affiliate marketing at the time. Because, I saw it as a quick means to an end. I believed that’s the reason why I never made a dime from it.

But then, something miraculous happened when I met a friend who was making 6 figures from affiliate marketing.

This friend allowed me to work with him for some time. There, I got to understand how to put the piece together.

Information is key. My mentality about affiliate marketing change drastically and I started making sales day-in day-out.

Why? I finally understood it’s not about the money I can make. But the value I can add to people’s lives.

In less than a month I went from someone who couldn’t attract a soul to my website to someone who was making sales from my own online business.

This is what I intend to do… To teach as many as I can how to build real business online. Secondly, I also have done for you service for those who wants me to help them build their own business from scratch.

I guarantee you that you’ll be getting the same secret which I use to layout sites that converts, and engage your readers as well.

I have learnt so much in my years of learning. During those periods, I came across boldanddetermined website. This site also helped me a lot on how to improve the way I do business. I also followed the likes of frank Kern.

One of the best internet marketers of our era… And Ken Envoy of solo build it. These guys really impacted in my life greatly.

Because of their course, I could produce master piece that engage my readers, and keep them wanting more from me. Like I said earlier, I’ll teach you how to go practically from zero to where you too will be getting high traffic to your website. When done properly, these traffics can be converted into clients, or getting your products sold. It is the same thing I use in my own business that has helped me to breakout from feasting and famine cycles. To someone who could generate passive income monthly. Would you like to learn how?  Here are contents that teaches that on my site.

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