Done For You eCommerce Website

Want to increase the sales of your products, build brand awareness, and build a strong brand following? WilsonReuben Done For You eCommerce website solution will help you to build an eStore that scale and converts visitors into paying customers for your brand.

What This Done-For-You eCommerce Website Is About?

Are you looking for a company or designer who could help you build an eCommerce website specifically for your brand? We’re a group of experienced designers and marketers who understands how to sell online.

Therefore, this is a complete done for you eCommerce website package where Myself and my team would design an optimized estore for your brand.

We handle all the technicality that involves building a website for you so that you can have more time doing what you love the most. We’ll setup a store for your brand, setup payment gateway for your site, research your market competition, and even create buyers persona for your business.

That’s not all, we’ll go ahead and build quality backlinks to your site, optimize the site for speed, performance, and security.

Moreover,We’ll produce quality articles and product descriptions that are search engine and human friendly. We’ll develop hot topics for your articles, and also for your products. We’ll also develop all the most important pages your website will need in other to succeed online.

Who Is This eCommerce Website Solution Is For?

If you’re not willing to invest, please, just stop here. Because, for you to be successful online, you’ve got to invest into your business. This is a business and as such, you must be willing to invest your money into something you so much believe on.

This isn’t a quick and get rich business. It’s a proven and lucrative business that requires time and investment. I believe you’re willing to put in the work and the money. My part is to give a working blueprint you’ll need to manage the site and also hand you a working website that converts.

This package isn’t for you, if all you need is quick money. I don’t encourage quick money and quick get rich scheme. Because, such things don’t work for long periods.

We’re after building real, tangible, and profitable business. I don’t have time in dealing with people who are not serious. Because, it’s a waste of my time. Time for me is money.

Does Any Of These Applies To You?

This package is specifically designed for the those who are interested in building real business online. And adding values to people’s lives.

What You Stand To Get From This Custom eCommerce Website Solutions

Work Space during office hour

Professional Built Website

At the end of the engagement, you will be getting a professional looking eCommerce website that projects a strong brand out there for your business.

Payment Gateway Setup

We'll help you to setup a payment gateway that'll enable you to receive payment from your clients through your website.Plus, you can accept any mode of payment from your website.

Built for Speed

The site from onset is designed for speed. Because, when it comes to dealing on the internet, speed matters. Especially, if you want to rank high on search engines. Hence, it's one of the ranking factors they considered.

Measure & Tracking

I'll implement Google Analytics on the website for you. This will enable you to be able to track and measure what works on your site. This will help you better understand what your readers love the most and focus on giving them just that.

Built-in Security & Performance

I'll implement Google Analytics on the website for you. This will enable you to be able to track and measure what works on your site. This will help you better understand what your readers love the most and focus on giving them just that.

SEO Optimized

If you must sell online, knowing what your readers crave for is paramount. I'll optimized your site for SEO so that you can always show up when readers are looking for information or products you are promoting.

Upload Products

I'll help you to upload your products into your website. This will enable you to be able to market to a wider audience.

Articles & Product Description

Content is the blood line of any business. This is the only way you can get your readers engaged with your website. My job is to produce quality contents that's engaging, conversational, and that tells a story for you.

Niche/Market Research

I don't just plunge into building website. I'll first carryout intensive market research, perform keywords research on hot topics. Planned everything in advanced before even writing or building the website. So, you’re sure of a website that'll work.

Here’s the Process I Use To Build You A Custom eStore Website That Works.

In other to give you the best of service and a working website that rank high and converts your readers into buying customers. Our team follows these processes so you can get the best of service.

Carry Out Market Research

I'll carry out market research before I even start writing or building the website. This will give me directions on what to do and where to go from there. Besides, this is only way we’ll get to know what your customers are truly looking for.

Create A Customer Persona

Knowing your customers and what they really want is another step I'll go through. So that I can be able to produce an eStore website that gets the job done. I’ll create a customer persona for your website. This will enable me to better understand your market segment so we can better understand them and give them values.

Gather Necessary Information

After understanding who your customers her, I'll go on to gather all the necessary assets like images, contents, and product that I'll use to work on your site.

Produce Quality Contents

Contents help in attracting customers or readers to your website. What I do is to produce quality articles and product reviews for you. This content tells stories, and they’re conversational and informative as well.

Setup & Configure The Site

This phase is where I get to work using all the assets, and content to setup, design, optimize, and built a custom eStore site for search engines and for your readers alike.

Build Quality Traffic To The Site

Traffic is the bread and butter of any online business. eCommerce website isn't exempted. So, I'll build a quality whitehat backlink to your site. Plus, also run ads campaign across multiple ads platform. The aim is to help your website rank high on search engines which is great for business.

How To Get Started…

To get started with this service, you have to follow our 4 step processes that will enable me to work with you.

Step One

Fill out the project planner form by clicking on the bookings form

Step Two

after booking, an email will be sent to you to confirm your bookings and a follow up of 15 minute recorded Skype call will be put through to you to verify all the information you filled during the booking period.

Step Three

I’ll create a project planner where you can be tracking and following up on what we’re doing on your custom eCommerce website.

What's The Investment?

Here are the prices for our website… you can choose the plan that’s in-line with your budget or what you intend to do.

Standard Website


Domain name registration
Web hosting package
WordPress Premium theme and plugin
Setup and configuration of the website
Content Development
10 (~1500 words) Product Reviews
10 (~1,500 words) Supporting Articles
10 Products uploaded
3 (~500 words) Press Releases
5 Classified Native Ads Campaign
10 Build quality backlinks

Full Implementation


Domain name registration
Web hosting package
WordPress Premium theme and plugin
Setup and configuration of the website
Content Development
20 (~1500 words) Product Reviews
30 (~1,500 words) Supporting Articles
100 Products uploaded
10 (~500 words) Press Releases
10 Classified Native Ads Campaign
30 Build quality backlinks

Grand Implementation


Domain name registration
Web hosting package
WordPress Premium theme and plugin
Setup and configuration of the website
Content Development
50 (~1500 words) Product Reviews
100 (~1,500 words) Supporting Articles
300 Products uploaded
30 (~500 words) Press Releases
50 Classified Native Ads Campaign
100 Build quality backlinks

Proofs That It Works

making money through blog

In time past, I have built over 80 content driven website for countless people, and to this moment… I still run my own eCommerce business website. This site you are on is one of them.

Please, check-out what others are saying about running and building their own eStore business. 

If you know you can’t wait to get started and start making money online, then, this solution is for you. Because I have put every measure in place for you and you’re guaranteed that it’ll work for you.

Besides, considering what you’ll be getting at the end of this package is immense. You’ll be getting a complete quality eStore site that’s optimized for search engines, and humans alike.

A custom eStore site that wins. It’s a win for you because you’ll get what you want which is making the sales, and your readers will get what they want which is solutions to their challenges, and lastly, Search engines will love your site because searchers love your site.

So, it’s a win for search engines as well since they too make money from searchers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The earning power for your website highly depends on your niche – some niches are more lucrative than others. Moreover, the site will be built based on what you are interested in so that you will be able to manage your website onward.

YES. Both domain name registration and hosting services are included – nonetheless, you will be the one that will give me the name you would like to use. In the case whereby the name is not available, I will come up with some suggestions which you can choose from.

The site will come with lots of contents that are fully optimized for both your users and search engines – this will enable you to be visible on search engines and it will also solve your reader’s hunger for information which is a win-win situation.

Oh YES. If you are registering more than 5 websites, you will be given a 20% discount on the payment.

This eStore website is specifically designed for those who want to sell their products online. Plus, those who are already into the dropshipping business but are finding it difficult to make money online will find this service very useful; because, the hard work has been taken care of.

I will create 20 quality white hat backlink for your blog… what this does is that it helps you rank higher on search engines easily. As for paid traffic, you will be the one doing that. However, there are resources on this website that will help you successfully carry out your ads. Nonetheless, if you still want me to perform your marketing campaign, no problem, you can check out my service on that.

There is no refund policy put in place. Because of the level of commitment that goes into building a website of this magnitude. However, I guarantee that you will definitely get the very best out of this engagement.

We offer unlimited support… especially in helping with small fixes and upgrade of the softwares, monthly analytical reports of what works and also get to optimize the site for you on monthly basis.