Why look for a Forex Trading Robot When You Can Learn To Trade?

I’m often amazed by how people are constantly looking for a forex trading robot. Look… why not learn how to trade the currency market yourself instead of searching for a trading robot? It’s not that difficult to do.

I have a friend who for many years who has been trading… you’ll be shocked that this guy still doesn’t know much about forex trading. Each time he’s faced with some challenges, this guy would run to me to help him out with his trading.

forex trading robots

forex trading robots — learn how to trade the forex market with Chris forex candlestick made easy

Tell me for how long will such a guy continue that way? Shocked? That’s what happens to people who don’t want to learn how to trade for themselves.

Why waste your time looking for a forex trading robot?

Take a good look at hedge fund managers, institutional traders, central bankers, and even corporations.

Do you think these people would waste their time with trading robots? Never. I want you to do your own research.

Don’t just believe what I say. Do your findings… you’ll be surprised to see that these guys are either price action traders or discretionary traders.

They invest heavily in information and a computational computer model that gives them an edge. that’s not all… they also hire economists to help them out with information and not some kind of black-box robots.

They don’t waste their resources on forex trading robots…

even though they can make one for themselves. What are you even thinking? If these forex trading robots really work, do you think they’ll sell it to you?

Of course not…

They’ll want to sell it to banks and institutional traders who have a fund to pay for the robot. Besides, they won’t even sell for $50, $100, or even $500. They’ll sell it for a huge sum of money.

I used to tell people who are constantly looking for a trading robot that many of these black-box or grey box forex systems or robots can be gotten free online.

These so-called self-acclaimed gurus will go online and take these systems and customize and start selling to people like you who don’t want to learn how to trade the market on their own.

I strongly discourage you from buying a forex trading robot…

Believe me, when you buy this forex trading robot before you know it, you’ll be asked to pay for the upgrade of the robot.

I for one have been trading the foreign exchange market official since 2007 and ever since then, it has been great for me. I work for myself. Aside from trading, I also do other kinds of online business as well.

My point to you who’s looking for a trading robot is to stop it and focus your attention on becoming a better trader.

Here’s my advice to you…

Go and research what forex trading is. to help you, there’s a professional forex training course which I recommend for struggling forex traders and beginners who want to up their game in trading.

The reason I recommend this forex trading course

…is because of the level of information the creator revealed. Plus, the way he taught how to trade. He simplified everything.

For instance, you’ll learn how to:

  • Easily spot support and resistance levels
  • How to effectively draw trendlines
  • Interpret candlestick charts
  • Identify reversal and continuation patterns
  • Understand risk and money management

In my time, I didn’t have this kind of information at my disposal. Though I bought forex trading books, visit different forex forums, watch videos on youtube, and even tried all the indicators, forex EA, and forex trading systems I got free online.

Gain sufficient Knowledge about forex trading

My friend, nothing worked. A fellow trader friend back in those days would call me and say, Reuben, this market is controlled by spiritual forces. Therefore, we need to attack the market with prayers (Smiles.).

I knew better. This has nothing to do with spiritual forces at all. what one lacks is the knowledge to trade. The ability to be able to easily identify trade opportunities and not praying to God after taking a trade.

One should be systematic in his/her trading approach for one to be successful as a trader. As I write this article, I can tell you that I manage other people’s trading account. This is one way I earn a living.

If I had wasted my time with trading robots, do you think I would be able to trade for people now? or do you think I’ll still be in the forex industry by now?

Certainly, I tell you… I don’t think I will even be writing this to you. Now, my advice to you is simple.

Learn how to trade the currency market yourself by really investing in yourself.

This is the only investment that’ll pay you.

Here’s the reason…

When you buy or subscribe to a mentor or you buy their trading course, they’ll not only sell their programs to you.

They’ll also mentor you as well. They can go as far as connecting you into their forums where you’ll get to meet other forex traders like you who are already successful.

Nothing is better than this… you have like-minded people who have been where you are; and now they’re successful. That way, you’ll learn faster.

Like what one of my students told me…

At first, he couldn’t pick trades for himself. But when never am around, he claimed that he could easily spot trade opportunities.

Why is it so?

Because, when we share ideas with one another… you’ll easily spot trade opportunities that you wouldn’t have considered in the first place.

Besides, due to experience… someone like me has had will make it easy to trade with confidence.

Once again, I advise you… now is the time for you to go back and get a good forex trading course that’ll arm you with all the knowledge you would need to become a professional forex trader in no time.

One course I recommend is Chris forex candlestick made easy. Why I recommend this forex trading course is because of the level of information you’ll get.

Besides, another forex trading program with such magnitude is freaking expensive. you’ll be talking about $500 to $5,000 if not more.

You can get forex candlestick made an easy guide here…

All you need is 4 weeks of your time. Spend 2 hours on the course and try to practice what you’ve learned from the course. that way, you’ll get to learn faster and start earning as soon as possible.

Please, I encourage you to dedicate that 4 weeks of your time to learn it. After that, demo trade with a good broker. This way, you’ll be able to test yourself.

Transition to a cent account

After demo trading, I would then advise you to transition to a cent account. A cent account is a live account but you’ll be charged in cents and not normal dollars just like standard account.

The reason for trading with cent account is for you to get a feel of how it feels to trade in the currency market. you’ll see the difference by the time you start trading.

This is where I’ll be stopping for now. You can find other content that’ll help you in your quest to find how to become a better and successful forex trader.

Interested in learning how to become a better forex trader? I recommend Chris Forex Candlestick Made Easy to you.

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