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What is having a complete mental state of mind all about? We need to address some things first before we answer that question of having a clear state of mind. You cannot be talking about having complete mental state of mind without talking about depression. Though, this article is about having a clear mental state of mind. The question is how do you experience a clear mental state of mind?

Let’s face the reality. After the hard day of work we are often faced with boredom, tiredness, and the lack of concentration which wears us down. Are these only the limiting factors that causes depression?

The answer is no. lack of discipline can also lead to depression… too much food, drink, and even lack of sleeps is a contributing factor.

…but today I want to focus on some keys that I am convinced that they are game changers when we talk about experiencing optimal mental state of mind.

Of course it would be great to have a reset button to automatically start over, especially fresh and unloaded if you do want to have good health and clear state of mind because both move hand in hand. But at the moment we have to sit down, think, put priorities in order, focus on new objectives and start a series of positive inertia’s that will help us continue or start again in the best possible way.

8 Keys To Coping With Post-Holiday Depression

Most of the time our goals at the beginning of the year is to have our priority right. And what is this?  To achieve the optimal mental state, focus and discipline that will help us direct our life in the direction we want. So here are some keys to get it and to detract you from a possible case of post-holiday depression:

  1. – Decide what you want:

First, you will have to define the three most important things you want to achieve in the remainder of the year. Define it clearly. If you do not know what you want, you cannot get it. It is not enough to have good intentions, the clarity of the objectives is fundamental.

Look at this analogy. If you do not have a target, how do you hit a target? You cannot hit a target which you don’t have, even if you throw many arrows. So, define your goals; write down your goals clearly to be able to focus on it. Without that vision, you will wear yourself out and you will not have energy, because the energy and motivation comes from the focus and vision of what you can achieve.

Let’s do some simple calculations here just to reinforce what I just said earlier… let’s assume your aim is to get a nice ride that’s worth NGN1, 300,000. The question is: how do you raise such amount of money? This is where having a target is paramount.

What can you do to raise such amount of money? Is another question you need to put into consideration. For this example sake, let’s say am a forex trader… which indeed I am. So, it means, I will be making my money through forex trading. That settles the aspect of how to raise the money.

The next phase will be how much will I be earning to be able to raise such money? Remember, my aim is not to enslave myself because I want to buy a car… but rather, I would do it in comfort. So, to answer the question, I would need to address another question. When do I need the car?

For me, 7 months will be okay. Therefore, it means I will have to divide NGN1,300,000 by 7 months which will give us the sum of NGN185,800 in round figure which is the amount of money I will be earning each month if I were to buy that ride.

Now further, I will divide NGN185, 000 by 20 days of working, this means I will be getting NGN9, 250 which is the amount I ought to be earning every day. And in hourly, I should be earning the sum of NGN154.

So, now I know how much I should be earning hourly, you will agree with me that I wouldn’t want to wile away my precious time. Because I know that every hour not spent right, I will be losing the sum of NGN154 to my goal which is to get a nice ride.

So now you know how to define your goals and how to work towards it. So, decides what you want to achieve this year… just select 3 things nothing much – just that.

2 – Load your mind with positive information:

I cannot do without reading for a day. It has become a part of me. So, in like manner, I encourage you to read more books, listen to more lectures, and sign up for courses that teach you new things, the key is to update yourself, listen to music that inspires you and fills you with energy.

Our mind and our emotions need the right information and energy so that the mind is not filled with doubts and fears, but becomes our best ally. For that, there is nothing better than immersing yourself with the right information and training so as to be able to have the best mental state and thus been able to overcome any obstacle.

3 – Habits:

First we create some habits and then they create us. We are what we do repeatedly for better or for worse. The question that each of us must ask ourselves with the utmost sincerity is: what habits do I have that harm me, rob me of time, productivity and prevent me from making further progress? What habits do I have to change and what new habits should I acquire to take my life to a new level? If you really want to get the best out of your life and at the same time experience complete mental state of mind, I would recommend you answer these questions carefully.

4 – Routines or rituals:

How you start your day will definitely have great impact on the rest of the day. Make sure you start with energy, drinking water, giving thanks, perform some exercises in the morning by engaging in something like sport, stretching, meditating or whatever helps you start your day with more energy and in a more active and positive light. Develop your morning routine.

5 – Focus on you, do not compare:

This is not a self-centered advice, much less, but to stop comparing yourself with the rest of the world and to put your attention on yourself, and on your personal improvement. Despite the benefits of technology, one of the negative effects studies have showed is that social network in one way or the other impacts negativity into our lives. Can you imagine that? But it’s true, look around you; many do things they ought not to be doing.

Many have lost lives due to the distraction social network as caused. You will be surprised to know that even unconsciously; the comparison that our brain makes with the wonderful and perfect lives that most people show in the social networks is astounding. All this means that up to 50% of the population does not feel sufficiently attractive and up to 62% feel inadequate.

Comparison is just one way to generate conflicts and a key ingredient in many cases of emotional distress (also in post-holiday depression). If you must compare or measure something, it is only with your own progress. The challenge and career of life is with oneself. So, do not compare yourself with someone else.

6- It depends on me:

Take responsibility for your life 100%. Decide absolutely that your life depends on you. This is how you regain control and personal power. We can always find convenient excuses, situations, circumstances, people, something or someone to blame, but make sure you do not become a victim of the circumstances, but the creator of them.

So you become responsible and creative, affirm it:

  • My life depends on me; I’m in charge of my destiny.
  • My past does not determine my future.
  • I am the responsible and creator of my life.


7- Stop thinking that life will be easy:

The truth is that sometimes life gets uphill, it gets difficult, problems and new challenges do not stop appearing and we go through painful moments. To think that they are not going to arrive is because of delusions. Gentlemen, it is part of life! But it is also what makes us better ourselves, to be stronger and better.

If you decide that you are responsible for your life, you do not fit the problem as a poor victim, but as a challenge from which you will learn and from which you will emerge reinforced and with more experience. For that reason you have to decide and affirm that I am bigger than any problem that appears in my life.

This does not mean that you have to spend your life on guard, not worrying while anticipating possible future problems that may never come. But you can flow more and better with life, and that will take care of the problems when they arrive.

8- Be more grateful:

Use gratitude to improve the attitude. If we do not appreciate the little things, if we are not more grateful, nothing will ever be enough. When we are not grateful, we spend our lives thinking about everything we have not yet achieved and all that we are supposedly missing. Learn to appreciate the simplest things and give thanks, because you will be more graceful to be grateful and the more grateful we are, the happier we are too.

Conclusion About Having a Clear State of Mind

As you can see, I have highlighted the 8 keys on how to achieve total mental state of mind in this post. All what you need to succeed is now at your finger tips… what you do with them is up to you from now on.  I want you to know that pursuing your dreams and your visions in life should be your utmost priority for now on and nothing else.

Set your goals, work towards it and gradually you will achieve it. Pronto. What are you waiting for? From now onward go out there and live your life for the best.

Cheers to success.




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