How To Make Money Online With Clickbank

Is Clickbank a good affiliate network? Let’s find out. This is Reuben Wilson, today I want to share with you ways on how to make money online using Clickbank affiliate network.

The first thing we must do to make money through Clickbank is to have a good understanding of the operation of the system. This is not complicated.

Then we have to learn how to choose the best products and know-how to capture the possible commission filters to maximize our profits.

I have created this guide to explain these important points so that you can train yourself to earn money selling digital products from the ClickBank market.

It is essential to know how to choose profitable products that can generate good profits. To know clearly what Clickbank is about, and how to earn money with ClickBank in that article I explain the mechanism of the company’s affiliate system.

clickbank website

ClickBank website where you can select products you want to promote… this is an example of using health and fitness.

How can you tell if a product is good or bad?

Here are the steps to follow to choose profitable products in ClickBank and promote them:

Step 1– Go to the official ClickBank site, down click on the button where it says “Register now”.

Step 2– Complete the registration form.

Step 3– Enter your account, to the right above click on the tab that says, Market.

Step 4– To choose the products use the category marker and click on one of them. Here I have only listed the best. I completely eliminated those that never produce profits:


To give an example I will choose a product in the category of Parenting and family.

Step 5– Choose the Spanish language so that the results provide only products in our language. If you don’t do it, they’ll be in English too. At the bottom of the categories, there are some flags, click where the one in Spain (referring to Spanish) is.

Step 6– In the drop-down menu choose the severity option so that the products are displayed in order of importance according to the highest sales.

Step 7– The next step will be to find out the percentage of sales generated by the product that we are going to promote and how much commission we will earn.

For this, ClickBank has created several denominations. In order not to confuse you, I will only mention the most important ones and those that you should keep in mind when choosing a product. Do not trouble yourself with those not mentioned here.

Severity. Percentage of affiliates who earned commissions by selling the publisher’s product. This is the most important since with gravity it is known how much a product is sold. So the higher the gravity, the better the product sells.

Initial Sale (money per sale). It is the average money (the dollar amount) that affiliates earn per sale.

Average / Sale (percentage per sale). The average percentage earned per affiliate per referred sale. This percentage is what the product publisher pays for sale. The minimum% per sale is 30% and the maximum is 75%.

Step 8– Click on the name link with the product name to see the page as the product will be presented to customers. Check the statistics on each product to determine how much you can earn by converting customer references.

Step 9– Once you have decided which product you want to promote, click on “Promote” on the right.

This example indicates that lately there have been sales that have reached 24.1% which is acceptable to promote.

Step 10– This is where the affiliate link is generated. Put your username in the first box and then click create.

Generate-link11- Your affiliate link has been created. Copy and paste this link into your page or blog. Don’t try to write it by looking at it since you can be wrong.

clickbank marketplace

Clickbank marketplace… See the highlighted rectangle in red? Very descriptive for you to understand

Check for commission or impediment filters

One as an affiliate works hard to get commissions removed. So the number one rule before starting to promote a ClickBank product (or any other affiliate program) is to check the sales page well to make sure that no commission filter is provided.

After you have put banners on your blog and you are already promoting products, always check the pages, since there is the possibility that they will make future changes.

Not all product publishers act improperly. Most are very correct, (these are the products that we must promote) but in every order of things in life, there always have to be exceptions.

clickbank statistics information

ClickBank statistics information. Inside the red rectangle box, see $/Sale? That’s how much you earn per sales.

Never promote products which have the following on their sales pages:

  1. a) Other payment options.

The owner offers to receive payments via Western Union. These commissions are not shared with affiliates. Everything goes directly to the product owner when customers pay by this means.

  1. b) Opt-in

When the pages have an opt-in, that is, a way for people to sign up, since product owners can send e-mail to customers offering the product at a lower price if they pay through Western Union. Or they can simply take away the client.

I checked this. I enrolled myself on a page that had a registration form to see what happened. In the fourth e-mail that arrived, I was offered reduced payments if I made the purchase in that way.

  1. c) Opt-In Popups

This is the most annoying thing on a sales page. Instead of buying people run away. This type of Opt-in is not to put on a sales page. Do not waste your time promoting products of this nature.

  1. d) Links to other pages.

Pages that have links to other sites of the product owner and the link is nowhere to be seen for the customer to buy.

One of the pages that is made in this way is one that promotes “Make money with Facebook”. So don’t even think about promoting any money-making product with Facebook.

It is important to choose products that pay 75% and that sell well, however, more importantly, it is to keep in mind how useful this product will be for the one who buys it.

Important note: in the future, I will be listing more products in which there are commission filters on your sales pages.

This was a small report with tips to earn money, through Clickbank, but obviously there are more strategies and tips to learn.

If you want to find out what all the proven tactics are and want to guarantee encouraging monthly earnings that will help you support your family, I suggest you buy the book Money online for newbies. There is everything explained step by step.

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