How To Make Money From Your Blog

Can Blogging Make You Money?


You are welcome to this site. I know you are here to learn how to make money from your blog. Howbeit, today, I will be sharing with you different revenue models you could implement into your blog. The one you choose is up to you.

Please also note, these online revenue models are one of the ways most successful bloggers make money over the internet.

Let me ask you…

Do you know you could be making 6 figures from your blog on a monthly basis? If NO, I want you to know that… that’s what you’ll be learning today from this post.

If you answer yes to the above question, then be rest assured that you are getting the very best out of this blog post.

It doesn’t make sense to have a blog and not been able to generate income from your hard work.

Isn’t it?

And as a matter of fact, as I said earlier on… successful people who make money blogging uses these business models to make money through their blogs… and it’s working for them.

If that be the case, why can’t you also implement this business model into your own blog business? On this model, you can base a large part of your strategy to generate income through your blog.


Below I will like to highlight the business model I’m talking about. As a matter of fact, many blogs that have already succeeded online rely heavily on these models to generate their income consistently – they are:

  • Sale of services
  • Blog Monetization
  • Affiliate Marketing
# 1 Sale Of Services

This is one of the models used by bloggers to make money with a blog. It also applies to those who can sell their services online through the internet.

For instance, an example of people who does this are coaches, teachers, trainers, professionals, consultants, copywriters, translators, designers, programmers, and many other knowledge workers.

Example 1:

Let’s see an example of a nutritionist who creates a healthy eating blog. In his blog, he will offer his professional services to build a balanced diet and Skype sessions with the patient to know about his life habits, food, and advise him.

Example 2:

This is the case of a graphic designer who promotes his services through a blog. This blog would include articles adding value to its followers on graphic design tips but also a portfolio with their work and a service and contact page to hire it.

What percentage of sales will be for these services?

At the beginning: 100%. When you just start blogging you have not yet implemented the other ways to make money with a blog that we will see later and you can only sell what you know how to do.

With the passage of time this percentage may decrease considerably depending on what you decide:

Consolidated blog (Option I): 80%. You can decrease the amount of service 1 to 1 offered and increase your prices. If you have positioned yourself well – and created a loyal audience that will not be problematic in the long run, then, this is a great option you can rely on.

Consolidated blog: (Option II): 50%. The other option is to keep prices and decrease the number of hours worked. In this way, you will continue to earn money with your blog but your income will come in addition to other sources as I will tell you later.

(Other forms of Income: I mean the remaining percentage of earnings generated by a blog through web monetization, for example, sale of info products or by third-party affiliation commissions). We will analyze it later.

Disadvantages Of Selling Services Online

  • The sale of services online is NOT scalable. It means that before a sudden increase in your sales (increased demand) you will not be able to cover it with your potential offer.
  • You sell 1 to 1. This means that you sell one hour of your time at a certain price. You mean that if you want to earn more you have to work more hours or increase your prices with the risk of losing customers.
  • The sale of your direct services undoubtedly has to be your VIP product, that is, exclusive and with the highest price.
This has to do precisely with the disadvantages I told you before:

You cannot sell a vast amount of your service. You have a maximum of 24 hours per day and even that is relative when selling 1 to 1, and since your hours are limited, you have no choice but to increase your prices to reach the monthly rent (or “salary”) that you wish to achieve.

# 2 Monetizes A Blog

I will deal separately with Affiliate Marketing later on in this article and completely discard advertising in Google AdSense for blogs (I’ll tell you later why). In my complete guide, you will find all 6 ways to monetize a website or blog.

What Does It Mean To Monetize A Website Or Blog?

It is to convert the asset that represents a web page into money. It means creating a constant income thanks to an asset that we own or that we have created over time.

Monetizing means developing automatic systems to make money with a blog without having to work more for it.

In our examples, the asset can be our knowledge, work experience, some skill, or the same money we have earned through the blog and we are thinking about re-investing.

Example 1:

The nutritionist in the example will be able to create a course in videos about healthy eating, cooking methods, recipes, and even including advice on healthy lifestyle habits.

The nutritionist should clearly invest time to record the videos and money in equipment (camera) or to hire someone to film it and ride the course for him.

There is also the possibility of doing everything on your own by lowering costs but increasing times.

An example related to nutrition and healthy living is Lea Kauffman’s blog. Lea, from Colombia, offers its online courses, eBooks, and other forms of web monetization through which it generates passive income and earns money with the blog.

If you want to learn how to start making money online either through your content, I would suggest you go through the Clickbank University course. There are free training that will help succeed online.

Example 2:

The graphic designer of the previous case decides to “develop” an automatic service by promoting it among their current clients and offering it within their blog or as a separate business unit.

The designer will invest the money earned by his work by hiring programmers who develop an automatic income system.

This is the case of for example. This company offers a system to its users so that they can make their flyers and newsletter without having knowledge of graphic design.

How Do You Calculate The Sales Percentages?

By the time you get to the point of monetizing your blog… it means you are really advancing in the life cycle of your business. And it also indicates the time for you to take it to another level which is to start making cool cash from your efforts.

There are several options:

(Option I). 80% Services / 20% Monetization. You increase the prices of your services 1 to 1 by creating a true VIP service, exclusive and much more expensive. You simply see the monetization of your blog as an alternative source of income.

(Option II). 50% Services / 50% Monetization. You decide to reduce the number of hours of work 1 to 1 while maintaining the price but you increase the investment to create information and monetize the blog thoroughly.

(Option III) 0% Services / 100% Monetization. You live for rent. This possibility is a bit exaggerated but it is possible. You are now going from being a blogger to an entrepreneur.

Monetization WITHOUT Affiliation

(This is a different case to the previous example. I compare how to make money with a blog based only on a combination of Services and/or Pure Monetization.

With Pure Monetization I mean using only monetization systems without taking into account Affiliate Marketing in this example).

Why NOT Implement Google Adsense Advertising?

You will need many visits to a website for advertising to give considerable results. This is the major reason I don’t waste my time to implement Google Adsense into my advertising methods. How much can one possibly earn doing Google Adsense? Not much. So I don’t recommend it to anyone.

# 3 Affiliate Marketing For Your Blog

First I would have to tell you that there are two types of affiliate marketing:

Own affiliate marketing. You can use it to make money with a blog when you have some information to offer, whether it is a course, eBook, digital service, etc. You pay a commission to each affiliate that recommends your product in exchange for a commission.

Third-party affiliate marketing. I am going to concentrate on this form of affiliate marketing because it is the first one you have to use to generate income with your blog when you are starting.

Let’s continue…

What Is Affiliates Marketing?

It is a system where you receive a commission for each product/service that you recommend to your followers (or readers of your blog) once they buy it. The commission will be paid to you by the seller (image 1) of the product or by the affiliate network (image 2) with which you are associated.

How To Make Money With A Blog And An Affiliate Marketing System

I didn’t intend this post to be this lengthy. However, this topic is very broad and I have prepared a guide for you to “digest” it little by little and encourage you to investigate further:

But let’s go to the examples:

Example 1:

We return to the case of the healthy eating blog. In this case, the nutritionist can recommend and earn commissions for the sale of:

EBooks or traditional books on eating and healthy lifestyle of the affiliate program (Depends on the country where you are in order for you to decide which program to choose).

Video courses on healthy eating of third parties: if the example nutritionist has not yet developed his own online course, he can recommend that of other colleagues in the industry and earn commissions in money through his blog for each sale made of the course.

Example 2:

In the event that our graphic designer friend of the example also performs web design, he can recommend some affiliate products with his main service.

Every website needs a hosting + a domain name, the designer will recommend to his client the purchase with his suppliers which will pay them a commission for each sale.

My Recommendation:

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Super Affiliate System


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How? by actually taking you through a 6 weeks program where you will learn how to set your goals, learn how to set up and configure your website, how to set up your presell page, how to set up your facebooks ads, and how to work effectively with most affiliate networks like Clickbank.

During these six (6) weeks of rigorous training, he will be walking you through the process of:
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  • Enable you to understand the system
  • Learn marketing skills
  • How to carry out Facebook & google ads
  • How to perform youtube & native ads
  • Lastly, how to scale & automate your work

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How Are The Earnings Percentages Of Your Blog?

Now we will include the third element of the business model that will allow you to earn money with a blog: using affiliate marketing.

You could solely base your entire revenue model on just affiliate which is 10% third party products you trust.

That percentage may increase as your audience’s confidence in you increases but you will never exceed what you earn on the blog for your 1 to 1 services or for the sale of info products.

In Conclusion

With all that have been said, you can easily know the percentages of expected income through your blog… how do I mean?  Learning how to make money with a blog is one of the easiest things to do.


Because you can tell if something will work for you or not even before you get started. Another thing you should know is that content plays a greater role in your success as a blogger or business owner.

Why? Because, through contents – you could build trust and credibility; and this can be done by actually giving your readers inspiring, motivated, and useful content.

Useful? Yes. Content is said to be useful if it contains information that can solve your readers’ problems.

As you can see, all that I’ve shared with you so far are a simplified revenue model, especially the last point, but that can give you a good idea of ​​where the money earned with a blog comes from.

The amounts in absolute value and the speed with which you reach those percentages exclusively depend on your work and your willpower.

My final tips for you:
  • Work to grow your mailing list
  • Be consistent with your editorial calendar.
  • Generate good quality content.
  • Make good networking in your sector.
  • Disseminate in social networks to attract short-term visits.
  • Write SEO articles to the position in the long term in Google.

Do you like this article? Drop your comment using the comment box below… and also if you are about to undertake your project, do not hesitate to contact me for guidance today.


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