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In today’s post, I want to share with you ways on how you can start writing and creating your own ebooks which you can start selling today from any of the marketplace which I will show you here.

Creating an e-book and making money with it can be ideal for anyone who has enough knowledge about a particular topic and wants to inform others through a book.

Steps To Start Making Money Writing And Creating Ebooks

1- The first step will be to write about what you know. Spend a couple of hours a day until the project is finished. You will be amazed to know that for any subject there will always be people looking to know about it.

For example, if you are a yoga teacher, you know a lot about diets, you are an expert in archeology, etc., there will always be people interested in learning from you and listening to their advice.

2- The most important requirement here is to be constant, persevering and have the patience to put all your knowledge in writing. For those who know a lot about a specific topic and would love to write a book to sell on the Internet, but they find it difficult to write, there is the option of looking for someone to do it.

Today there are many people who are dedicated to perform this service on the Web and do not charge too much. For example you can search in Fiverr or Upwork.

3- Then, you must download the Open Office software for free, this is very similar to Word, but it is free. Then you must convert it to the PDF format that is the way to sell books online.

4 – The next step will be the creation of a Web page in which you can sell your book, although at the beginning this is read to many people a bit complicated, you should know that everything is getting easier with practice.

First you have to acquire a domain and hosting space on a server. The cost for this is minimal. Your investment will be around $ 80 dollars and what you will receive in monthly earnings will be much more than that. If you do not have the slightest idea how to create Web pages, I recommend reading my tutorial; there I explain the topic of creating a blog step by step.

5- Finally, after creating the eBook and the website, the last step is to find people who want to promote your book to sell it. One of the options is to enroll in Clickbank. This is an affiliate platform in which online sellers register to search for products and sell them on the Web.

This method does not guarantee that you will sell many books because it will depend on how many affiliates want to promote your book and how effective they are in promoting it.

6- Do not want to deal with the creation of a website? What you are looking for is a very simplified way to sell eBooks online? Don’t you want to create a web page?

If you just want to write your eBook and put it on sale online on a platform where people are already going to buy, then the ideal option for this is to create and publish e-books on Kindle and sell them through Amazon. More later in the article I will explain how this works.


Sale Of Ebooks Through Clickbank

When putting your book on sale through Clickbank, always offer the highest commission to affiliates, which is 75%. If you offer the highest payment, more books will sell. Example if the product costs $80 dollars, $ 60 will be paid for the affiliate and you will earn $20.

Never put filters that can truncate affiliate commissions, for example, other payment options (Western Uinion). Nobody wants to work hard to get commissions removed. That is something that many Clickbank sellers do and obviously are the ones that sell the least.

So you don’t do that. Always put yourself in the position of the one who is promoting your book and ask yourself if you would promote e-books or products that have commission filters on your sales pages. Of course I would not do it.

If you are going to put an Opt-in, that is, a way for visitors to write your name e-mail, and then send emails, always of the option to affiliates to choose to promote your book with and without this option. This is something that can be provided for commission filtering since you never know what type of e-mail will be sent to potential customers.

Do not put the annoying Opt-in with Pop-up, those that come out when you visit a page and want to force people to register. Nobody wants to be forced to anything.

If you follow these tips more affiliates will want to promote your e-book, therefore, more money will win. Experienced sellers look at these details before starting to promote any product. Look at the products that are most sold in Clickbank, you will see that they are the ones that don’t have filters, the ones that pay the most and those that don’t have those annoying Opt-in and Pop-up on the sales pages.

Obviously the content of your book has to be interesting too. If you want to find out how Clickbank works, I recommend reading this article.

Sell ​​E-Books Via Amazon Kindle In The Hispanic Market

To earn a decent amount of money with your self-published electronic books, you have to sell a considerable number of copies. This is the difficult part for many new authors. They just don’t know how to make their book known to enough interested audiences to produce worthwhile profits.

This is where Amazon comes into play. If you publish a book on the Kindle platform, you can take advantage of the millions of people who buy there every month. You have a world of potential buyers at your fingertips. We are talking about selling electronic books on Amazon Kindle in the Hispanic market.

Amazon also gives you a very big advantage, if you sell more than one book on the platform; they recommend their other books to buyers who already bought the previous books. This reference engine is gold to cultivate a community of repeat buyers and is one of the great attractions of the sale on Amazon.

Some writers say they prefer to sell their e-books on Amazon because they find it too complicated to sell them on their own sites.

This could be true if you have never dedicated yourself to selling online. But if you learn how to create a blog in WordPress, you can easily set up your own store on your website. This gives you the opportunity to earn more money because you will sell in two places.

Another positive aspect of selling e-books through Amazon is that you don’t have to provide customer service or deal with returns because Amazon takes care of that.

Can I Publish On Kindle If I Live Outside Nigeria?

You are probably wondering. Can I post on Kindle and earn money if I live outside Nigeria?

Then the answer…

Amazon’s electronic book publishing unit is called, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). This platform can be used by authors and publishers to publish their books independently to Kindle and Kindle Apps worldwide.

Authors can upload documents in various formats to sell through the platform. Electronic books can be written in 34 languages ​​including Spanish.

So the answer is yes, you can post on Kindle if you live in Europe, South America, Central America, Asia or Africa.

Currently, I have not seen any restrictions for someone to publish a Kindle book and earn money with these publications.

How are these books read?

In April 2017, Amazon launched Kindle Create, an application to convert Word and PDF files into Kindle-compatible files. These books can be read on an iPhone, iPod Touch and also on a PC.

When you publish your book, it will be available for sale on all Amazon platforms, including Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.mx, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.br, etc.

How Much Money Is Possible To Win?

Income may vary and depend on how clever it is to follow the indicated advice and which platform you use. If you decide to sell your book at Clickbank, your monthly earnings could be between $100 to $300 per month.

If you choose to use the Amazon Kindle platform, your earnings could range from $ 4000 to $ 5000 per month, maybe much more. Which is an exceptional salary considering that all the work is done at the beginning? Then it becomes a 100% passive income.

How do they pay?

Kindle Direct Publishing will pay you via direct deposit or send you a check in the mail. Most of the people who live in Latin America or Central America who are publishing electronic books on Kindle have created an account with Payoneer. This account allows them to receive funds to a virtual bank account.

If you want to learn how to earn money by publishing electronic books, even being a total newbie I recommend you purchase this course that teaches you the process from scratch.

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