Hi, I’m Reuben — the creator of wilsonreuben … a native of Isoko, born and brought-up in Lagos. I’m an enthusiast and a creative who loves anything internet, the art, and my aim is to bring the very best out of people and transform ideas into viable internet ventures.

Why Wilson Reuben?

Growing up, I was this young child who sees the world very differently… I was fascinated by anything that involves creativity, technicality, spirituality, and above all, I have a very practical mind and I love to learn by doing things with my hands.

When it comes to being serious, I was damn serious. And when it comes to being playful, I can be naughty… though, I tend to balance up things, and this is because I strongly belief in ceasing the moment.

This is who I am. I love sports like playing football, did kickboxing and krav maga. And I also love good physical aesthetic which enables me to keep fit.

All these have great influence in my life – because, I question everything and I want to know the very nature of how things works being a young and curious boy who has a mind of his own. Simply put, I was different.

Many Unanswered Questions

But many of my questions were left unanswered… not until I came across a book that changes my life. What’s the book all about? It’s about the blur between art and science and I instantly become interested in this new world of possibilities. Because, for the first time I see those who made the impossible become possible.

This particular book piqued my curiosity and this makes me want to read and learn anything my heart conceived. Up till this moment, I never stopped reading. I became interested in forex trading, website design and development, telecommunication, business, and also learning how to build online businesses.

I don’t just learn them, I put what I learnt into practice… first I started with computer repair and networking, and graphic designs. I got employed as a system and network engineer after 3 months of training with the company at the age of 18. This gave me my first experience on how to manage a real business and my dealing with people there taught me another lesson of how a person thinks.

During my appointment with this company, I became reluctant to go to school; you know why? Because what I saw then totally destroyed my hope of going to school. The reason being that I came across so called graduates who claimed to have studied computer science, computer engineering, and telecommunication who knows nothing about computing.

As at 2002 I was already verse with computing even before going for my diploma in computer repair and networking. After so much pressure I decided to go back to school and what I saw there also was frightening this time… because, there programming was been written on board, programs like combo, Qbasics are been taught.

Can you Imagine?

When there were 3rd generational languages like Java, PHP, Python, C, C++, C# etc. in fact, I was already writing programs way back and here I was been taught Qbasics? Then and there I decided school wasn’t meant for me.

I would rather go for professional courses which I did and never regretted my actions. All where I have worked no one has ever asked me for my certification. You know why? Because, my jobs were satisfactory and I was able to meet the client’s needs.

Time For Adventure

Of course, I was never satisfied with my present situation. Having left my former jobs in computer repair, I seek new adventure this time, and in 2006/2007 I decided to go into forex trading which I gave in my all.

Though, I was already aware of different ways on how to make money over the internet… and I was already familiar with most of the techniques but was never been serious with them… not until in 2007 in which I become obsessed with forex trading.

I want to learn everything about it which I did. I even went as far as using my tuition fee to learn and trade forex. I was disappointed because what I really want to learn I couldn’t.

The so called expert who was to train me did not even understand how to interpret the candlesticks. Again I was back to ground zero. But I never relent, I bought books and video courses and immerse myself into knowing how to really interpret each candlesticks formation and patterns.

…In that process I was able to learn everything to even chart patterns, money management. In fact, I could say I learn the nitty gritty of how the forex market works; though, it comes with a price which I indeed paid.

You can agree with me that nothing comes easy…  as time goes on… I started noticing those idiots that rip people off their hard earned money by claiming to be a guru. I’ve watched a lot of people being scammed and am tired of it. Because, when it comes to internet business, it’s very difficult to trust those doing it.

These fools have made people label internet business guys with bad names not to mention the exclusion of those from this part of the world from some foreign opportunities… and this is one of the reasons for starting this website.

To teach people timeless ways on how to discover themselves, turn their ideas into a profitable, successful online business/investment.

What Can Wilson Reuben Do For You?

Having taught a lot of people ways on how to earn a living doing forex trading, running internet business and the often disturbance from friends who wants to learn how to make money online, I was forced to come up with this site…

I promise that this site will be different from what you use to have. Because, the kind of contents I will be publishing are evergreen and will be contents that will teach you what you need to know when it comes to building your own business by taking full advantage of what the internet has to offer.

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So, the ball is in your court… what you do with it is now up to you. Remember, you’ve got to give it your very best by immersing yourself into the contents on this blog and I assure you — you won’t regret your decision. If you have any question, you can reach me by filling the contact form… or reach me on my

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Cheers to success,



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