Is take survey for cash scam or legit?

let’s find out…

Hey there, this is Reuben Wilson, and thanks for taking the time to go through my review on the survey for cash.

As always, I detest crappy products. If you take note… you’d know that I don’t review anyhow programs on this site… and if I do, I would let you know what the program is and recommend a better program to you.

Just like many others get paid to take survey kind of programs, the take surveys for cash promises that you’ll make money doing surveys.

take survey for cash

take survey for cash… I don’t recommend you to do any kind of survey jobs… but rather, focus your attention on real business online like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and normal online business or forex trading.

In the past, I’ve had bad experiences with the survey kind of job…

…during those periods, I tried out programs like inbox dollars, opinion outpost, click 4 surveys, jsurveys jobs, and host of others.

…in the end, I couldn’t even withdraw my money. Though, I made some cool cash… but the work was something else… many of these people claiming they make 1000s are just saying nonsense.

however, there were some sites then that paid as high as $25 and even $50 to take surveys… as long as you’re a citizen of US or Canada. However, you can only redeem the money through coupons.

This kind of job is not what I can recommend for anyone who truly wants to earn a living online.

You know why?

From experience, these are stupid jobs that’ll sap your energy and time.

let me ask you… is it not money you’re using to subscribe to your internet connection? how much is your time worth to you?

If you so much value your time, then, I’d urge you to stop doing survey and do something better.

like me, I run an affiliate business. this site where you’re reading this review is one of my sites where I run my own affiliate business. Affiliate marketing is just one aspect of the business I do online.

luckily for you, there are great programs out there that can teach you how to make money online.

I want to assume that you’re just starting out…

…my best course I would recommend you go through is the ClickBank university 2.0 affiliate program.

this is a very powerful course that not only teaches you how to build and maintain your own affiliate marketing business.

it also teaches you how to make money online… since the principles can be adapted into other forms of online business.

My Take on Survey for Cash

I have written an unbiased review of Clickbank university here. Please go through it. like always, my reviews are unbiased and honest. If a program isn’t good enough, I’d let you know.

This is the reason why I told you the truth in this review on the survey for cash. Instead of wasting time with survey jobs, my advice will either be… you focus on affiliate marketing, forex trading, dropshipping, or any other kind of online business.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review… secondly, if you have anyone this program will benefit, you can as well share it with them.


PS: Just starting out doing online business? Or perhaps, you don’t have any knowledge about how to start an affiliate marketing business?

If you answer yes to the above questions, please, see below my recommendations for you… because taking surveys for cash is nonsense.

Here are affiliate marketing courses that’ll help you greatly. Super Affiliate System, and Clickbank University 2.0 which is great for newbies.

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