Where To Get Jobs As A Freelancer

How To Get Jobs As A Freelancer

Wandering where you could get jobs as a freelancer? Being a freelancer is the best thing that can ever happen to any individual.

Freelancer work


Because, it gives you the freedom of being an entrepreneur, and also the ability to determine how much you earn at the end of the day.

Though, running your own freelance business can be very challenging. Howbeit, that’s not what will be covering in this article; as this article is solely focused on showing you 6 sources – where you can be getting your day to day jobs through these portals.

The question is: how do you start being a freelancer? How do you get jobs suitable for your skills? And how do you get started with jobs on all these portals?

This is what I will be addressing in this article.

These freelance jobs can be a programmer, writer, web designer, or virtual assistant, and more. If you are looking for independent jobs online, you can start doing them immediately.

The challenge is that most people out there don’t really know how to get genuine freelance jobs on the internet.

Here Are The Five (5) Online Sites Where You Can Start Getting Jobs…


Upwork: Upwork is one of the best sites you can find several freelance jobs. Once you have gained ground on this website, you will receive better offers that will pay you big time.

Nonetheless, jobs you can find on Upwork are programmers, designers, writers, marketing experts, administrators, consultants, and finance experts.


Workana: Are you a skilled Web Developer, software developer, or perhaps, you are into networks and accessories, information systems, writing and translation, administrative support, design, multimedia, customer service, sales, marketing, and business services. Then, Workana is the right site for you.


Guru: Guru is another fantastic website for getting freelance jobs… how it works is amazing. Why? Because it’s a community platform in which you can both network and connect with others and build sound relationships.

The kind of freelance jobs you can get are technology, creative arts, and business.


Freelancer: looking for better freelance jobs? Freelancer is one of the most reputable freelance sites you can get.

The kind of jobs on this site are Internet Marketing, article writing, academic writing, technical writing, virtual assistant, Web page design, programming, video services, graphic design, data processing, article writing, Banner design, translation, 3D rendering, HTML, SEO, WordPress, Logo Design, Java, Web data extraction, script installation, Linux, 3D animation, illustration, data entry, MySQL, copywriting, CSS and more.


Ifreelance: to me iFreelance now groovejob is the main place for freelancers who are looking for real freelance work. Do you have the skill of editing? Artwork? Data entry or programming? iFreelance is the center where you can meet other entrepreneurs and sell your freelance skills.

Below are the categories of independent jobs that can be done through iFreelance:

Accounting, finance, administrative support, business consulting, engineering, architecture, graphic design, multimedia, marketing, advertising, sales, networks, hardware, telephony, photography, videography, programming, database development, traditional art (illustration and painting ), training, education, writing, editing, translation, Web programming, graphic design, logo design, article writing, and Web page design.

In short, if you want to get a job online as a freelancer, you can register for free at these sites that specialize in contacting workers with employers.

Once your project is finished, you will be paid for your work immediately. These are all secure pages that use a fast, simple, and very secure payment system.


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